Saturday, July 3, 2010

BR.&.ON (a/k/a Brandon C) developed a passion for dance at a young age, after he was recruited to dance for the National Dance Institute ("NDI") under the direction of Jacques D'Amboise. Later, under the tutelage of Mia Michaels and several other renowned instructors at Broadway Dance Center (BDC), BR.&.ON performed in Frank Hatchett's Professional Childrens Showcase, "Let's Go to the Circus". Thereafter, he attended and graduated from the Professional Performing Arts School ("PPAS") along with fellow alumni Alicia Keys, Claire Danes, and Sara Rue. Dance was BR.&.ON's major in junior high, and his curriculum included jazz, modern, tap, and hip hop. As he developed an additional passion and talent for rapping, hip hop culture and dance of course took precedence over these other dance forms. During his high school years BR.&.ON continued to perform both in HS performances and outside venues, before moving on to Penn State where he became resident choreographer for the University's hip hop performances. And although his music has taken up much of his time, BR.&.ON's dancing still seems to garner attention at the local clubs.” 

So whether you LOVE to dance hip hop, or have never tried it, now’s the time to do it because BR.&.ON is here to help you BRING IT! His classes will help you loosen up as you have the most fun you’ll ever have in a dance class, in a fun, challenging and friendly environment! Check out the schedule – we have classes for every dancer from basic beginner to advanced!

HIP HOP PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP (8-week cycle) - Advanced Beginner and Up -
*Next workshop starts Aug. 9, 2010 6:30 - 8:00 pm
HIP HOP DANCE JUNKIES 101 - Absolute Beginner -
7:00 – 8:00 pm
HIP HOP DANCE JUNKIES 201 - All Levels -
8:00 – 9:00 pm
Pearl Studios 500 8th Avenue,
12th Fl
Pearl Studios 500 8th Avenue,
12th Fl

7/13 "In My Head" (breakdown)

7/13 "In My Head" (demo)


The Hip Hop 101 4Dummies class is geared toward the absolute beginner with no dance experience whatsoever, transitional dancers or more advanced dancers who want to work on their foundation. In this class we will break down the ABC’s so you not only learn how to dance, but LOOK like a HIP HOP dancer. We offer a progressive program – each month you’ll be taught new original choreography to a hot song as we build on it week 1 to week 4. So, for beginners, if you've ever wanted to learn how to dance hip hop, but felt hesitant due to shyness or fear of looking foolish, this is the class for you. Bring your two left feet and learn to dance at NYC's Hip Hop Dance Junkies 101 class!

The Hip Hop Dance Junkies 201 class is for advanced beginner levels and up. Perfect for advanced beginners, seasoned dancers, dancers from other disciplines or dancers seeking Jabbawockeez status! In this class you’ll be taught a hot new choreography each month, as we build on the routine from week 1 to week 4. During week 4 the class will be videotaped and available for your private viewing on youtube. (Students may opt in or out of the videotaping but as long as they participate in class they’ll have access to the video.) This is the same choreography being taught in our 101 class but at a faster pace and with more emphasis on musicality. Please note: we strongly recommend you take our 101 class back2back so that you can work on your foundation while honing your skills. We can all learn choreography, but what’s the point if you still look like a ballerina “trying” to dance hip hop?

The HHDJ 8-Week Performance Workshop series is a cycle-based workshop consisting of 8 weeks of rehearsals to original choreography taught by BR.&.ON. After eight weeks of intensive training, this workshop will offer dancers of all levels the opportunity to perform in front of family and friends. If you’ve always wanted to perform, this is a stepping stone towards your dance career! Please note: we highly recommend you take our regular classes simultaneously, as this will help your technique and, as an incentive, students enrolled in our workshops will receive special discounts towards our regular classes during the eight weeks of workshop classes!


PRIVATE LESSONS are a great complement to the group classes, and in these privates you will receive specialized attention tailored to your specific needs.  Taking privates in conjunction with group lessons will not only ensure you learn the proper technique of hip hop dancing, but you will develop competence twice as fast.


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